Tuesday, July 23,  2019

Statements & Press Release

 A Statement on “Trump's decision to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights”26/3/2019 More

 The Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs condemns the US President's decision announced on Wednesday evening, December 6th 2017 that the United States recognizes... More

 ECFA has mourned homeland Martyrs, whose lives were taken by brutal terrorists on Friday, the 24th of November 2017. They have fallen victims at the sinful hand... More

 On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which came in a letter from the Foreign Minister of Britain at this time "Lord Rothschild"... More

 ECFA has expressed its deepest condolences for the motherland sacrificial victims, the brave policemen from counter-terrorism forces, who have courageously carried... More

 The Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs wish to express his profound sadness and loss over the death of Dr. Sherif Bassiouni - a professor at DePaul University... More

 The Egyptian people, including the Egyptian council for foreign affairs, have been terribly horrified by the vicious bombings perpetrated by the terrorists in ... More

 26/2/2017 The Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs has received the news about the incidents of “horrific” killing – to say the least-of Egyptian Coptic families... More