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Participation of the Council in a Seminar on The Belt and Road Initiative 23-9-2018

 On the 23rd  of September, the Council, in cooperation with the Institute of National Planning, organized a seminar on “ Egypt and The Belt and Road Initiative … political and economic reflections, and the positive interaction roadmap”. The Council’s delegation included each of their excellencies, Ambassadors: Dr.Mounir Zahran, Chairman of the Council; Dr.Ezzat Saad, Director of the Council; and members of the council, their excellencies, Ambassadors: Gamal Bayoumi, Mahmoud Allam, Ali Alhefiny, and Magdy Amer.

The proceedings of the seminar that  opened by Ambassador Dr.Mounir Zahran Chairman of the Council beside Proffesor Dr. Alaa zahran Head of the Institute  were conducted over 2 sessions. The first session was entitled: “ Strategic readings of the Belt and Road initiative” and moderated by Ambassador Gamal Bayoumi and commented  by Ambassador Mahmoud Allam. The second session was entitled “ The political and economic dimensions and spillover of the initiative and the positive interaction roadmap” and moderated by Ambassador Ali Alhefiny. Ambassador Magdy Amer participated during this session to speak on “ Basic platforms for positive strategic engagement with The Belt and Road Initiative” and Ambassador Dr.Ezzat Saad commented on this Session.
It was emphasized during the seminar that the initiative has two perspectives one of which is internal and is concerned with china’s desire to develop the poor Western Regions and connect them to neighboring countries.
As for the international perspective, launching of the initiative is directly associated with several factors which are: World Economy and trying to avoid any economic and financial crisis, narrowing the gap between developed and   developing countries in an attempt to manage the faults that were precipitated by Globalization, and formulation and reinforcement of a rational and responsible system for Global Governance.
The initiative also has six fields that have been identified by the Chinese president and through which the goals of the initiative may be enhanced, and these fields include: policy coordination, economic road corridors development,  construction of multi-ports harbours, expanding the work area of Chinese companies globally, provision of the means of financial support through Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and other banks alongside The Silk Road Fund, and comprehensive cooperation in all fields.
In conclusion; The significance of Egypt taking advantage of its unique geographic location to achieve the maximum possible benefits has been emphasized; to work towards making Egypt virtually a maritime gateway to Africa, Asia, and Europe; to use the mechanisms provided by the initiative in order to become a manufacturing centre within the continent; and developing both industrial and export sectors with China to become a manufacturing centre with the help of Chinese investments.



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